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Danish Cubesat frequencies

Hi all,
If all goes well the two Danish Cubesats
will be launched tomorrow from Plesetsk.

The two groups of students have cooperated
with us in AMSAT-OZ and the IARU frequency

DTUSAT is on 437.475 MHz (2400 b/s)

AAUSAT is on 437.450 MHz (9k6 b/s)and CW in safemode.

If they work according to plans they will only send
identification once every 2 min. as far as I remember.

DTUSAT sends burst of data every second min. Every 5th burst
should be CW - but with a 1200 Hz tone so that it can be heard
on a FM receiver. It will send OZ2DTU DTUSAT at 13 words/min.

Later it will configured to function as a flying signal generator
dropping the level for each burst. This way we can use it to
test our receive system.

They use the same frequency for uplink and downlink.

The AAUSAT group would like reports on:


The DTUSAT group said that they would use:


but that is not confirmed.

73 OZ1MY/Ib
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