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Re: [aprssig] PCsat for Field Day

Little Joy on PCsat so far:

The PCsat pass 2+ hours before FD was OK.  We got control 50% through pass
and 5 users made it.  Next pass 50 minutes before FD was a bummer.  I
could not get connected and timed out the command link.  I switched to the
B side, but there I have to contend with 144.39 wall-to-wall QRM.  So we
will try again on Sunday morning (actual passes during FD hours.)

And K5OE pointed out that my predictions were a few minutes off... Here,
I have revised them.  These are approximate start times.

> We will try to make PCsat available for Field Day...
>   PDT    MDT    CDT   EDT
>   ----   ----   ----  ----
>    -      -     1215  1315   <== Maryland Command station WB4APR
>   1156   1256   1356   -     <== California Command station N6CO
>    -      -      -     -
>    -      -     1000  1100   <== Maryland Command Station WB4APR
>   0945   1045   1145  1245   <== California Command Station N6CO
> (1120)  (1220) (1320)
> This will ONLY work if we are lucky and under these conditions:
> 1) Do NOT transmit until you see the PCSAT-1 callsign!
> 2) ONLY digipeat via callsign of PCSAT-1
> 3) Make packets as short as possible!
> This assumes that the command station will be able to get into the
> satellite to get it configured.  He only gets ONE chance.  If he gets
> QRM'ed we miss the entire pass (and there is only one good one per day.
> To conserve what little power there is to assure successfull commanding by
> the command station, we ask that you ONLY use the DIGI call of PCSAT-1.
> That way, your packets will only be digipeated IF we are  successful in
> getting her properly configured.  But you must also not QRM  the command
> station either until after the commands are sent.
> de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob
> Three of the passes per day are in the dark when PCsat is dead and the
> other two  are prior to or after the official times of Field Day (and I
> have to be at a kids swim meet)...

de WB4APR, Bob

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