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Re: Checked Airline Luggage (again)

The shoes thing is the funniest part.  My wife and I flew to Oklahoma 
back in May.  When left, she was wearing black, slip on sandals with 
thick rubber soles.  Her toes were uncovered and she was wearing 
sliver, metallic toe polish.  EVERY security point we went through 
asked to check her shoes on some extra metal detection devices!  It was 
amazing!  There's not a bit of metal on her shoes, but they saw the 
silver toes and had to check them!

This has NOTHING to do with satellites or ham radio, but it's an 
interesting story.  Sorry for the diversion!



On Friday, Jun 27, 2003, at 15:32 America/Chicago, laura halliday wrote:

> I too have had my shoes x-rayed. I really wondered if I
> had heard them right when they asked...closest I get to
> boxer shorts is an ex- who was fond of tap pants... :-)
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