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Re: Checked Airline Luggage (again)

Doug N6TQS wrote:

>Live with it.  Make sure your bag is tiewrapped shut when you part with
>it, and write letters to the TSA and airline if your bag isn't secured
>as well when you receive it back as it was when it left your hands.
>You could CC your Congresspeople on this also, since if enough people
>have problems, then it becomes an issue for them.

I did exactly this on a recent trip, when the "bag" was
a Pelican case full of camera gear (Pentax 67 for the
photographers on the list). I secured the case with two
tie-wraps, told the airline exactly what was in it, and
was unamused at it being delivered to me at the other
end minus the tie-wraps. When I asked the airline folks
shrugged and said "the government".

I too have had my shoes x-rayed. I really wondered if I
had heard them right when they asked...closest I get to
boxer shorts is an ex- who was fond of tap pants... :-)

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