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PCsat for Field Day

We will try to make PCsat available for Field Day Saturday afternoon
passes as follows:

  PDT    MDT    CDT   EDT
  ----   ----   ----  ----
   -      -     1215  1315   <== Annapolis Maryland COmmand station WB4APR
  1204   1304   1404   -     <== California Command station N6CO
   -      -      -     -
   -      -      -    0920   Sunday.  New England pass
   -      -     1000  1100
  0945   1045   1145 (1245)
  1120  (1220) (1320)

This will ONLY work if we are lucky and under these conditions:

1) Do NOT transmit until you see the PCSAT-1 callsign!
2) ONLY digipeat via callsign of PCSAT-1
3) Make packets as short as possible!

This assumes that the command station will be able to get into the
satellite to get it configured.  He only gets ONE chance.  If he gets
QRM'ed we miss the entire pass (and there is only one good one per day.

To conserve what little power there is to assure successfull commanding by
the command station, we ask that you ONLY use the DIGI call of PCSAT-1.
That way, your packets will only be digipeated IF we are  successful in
getting her properly configured.  But you must also not QRM  the command
station either until after the commands are sent.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

Three of the passes per day are in the dark when PCsat is dead and the
other two  are prior to or after the official times of Field Day (and I
have to be at a kids swim meet)...

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