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Re: Any tracker prog's for a Win CE 2.0 device?

Hi Ron,

If you have it reasonably handy I'd definitely be interested in a CE 2.0 compatible tracking program.

I'll take a look for PocketDOS and see where that might lead me as well.

Agreed, I liked the sound of the 3.0 versions but they say specifically they don't run on 2.0.



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On 6/28/03 at 12:18 AM vk5akj@corprit.net wrote:

>Hi Lowell and others.
>The tracker program from ZL3AD appears to be for CE ver3.0 or better.
>I use PocketDos which setsup a dos envioment then I can run any 
>original dos programs including InstantTrack.
>Chris Jackson (of uosat fame) wrote a great tracking program for the 
>palmpc's CE ver 2.11 or better goes well on my Jornada 420. I also 
>have a hp620 (which I use the above PocketDos stuff) someone gave me 
>a version of Chris's program that Chris re-complied for the CEver 2.0 
>devices. If you want any more help feel free to get back to me and 
>I'll check my archives.
>73 ron VK5AKJ (acheyJ)
>On 26 Jun 2003 at 21:29, Lowell White wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Are any of you aware of a satellite tracker program (DOS text or Win CE
>graphic/html) that runs on the Win CE platform (eg ver 2.0)?
>> The specific device (family) would be HP-620/660LX.
>> Thanks & 73,
>> Lowell
>> K9LDW

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