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Re: Re: Checked Airline Luggage (again)

>Yeah, but you don't get your way, do you.
>It's the price you pay for an illusion of safety.

And it is an illusion. On my trip back from Anguilla they X rayed my shoes, swabbed my radios and laptop, but never blinked at the Aquafina bottle of muddy well water I was bringing back in my carry-on to be tested here. It could have been any number of chemical or biological agents.

In addition they took my wallet!!! to be hand searched because it has a metal zipper pull in it, as well as taking my laptop bag out of my sight to search it while I was holding my pants up and putting my shoes back on.

It's all a feel good sham meant to get folks re-elected. Even the CEO of JetBlue has said the same thing.

Just wait until they start xraying you to see whats under your boxer shorts.


73, Drew KO4MA

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