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Re: rotors for BUD's

At 09:03 AM 6/27/2003 -0500, Wayne Estes W9AE wrote:
>Fred W0FMS wrote:
>Nothing is suitable for hanging on the G5500 except for the lightest dishes
>and Yagis.. I spent $500 for mine too, and I never use it.  I'm saving it
>for the days I get back into WEFAX or LEO birds.
>Wayne replies:
>How many of you big-dish guys are using polar mounts?  I suppose everybody
>is aware that full azimuth-elelevation capability will be required if P3E
>gets into its intended high-inclination orbit.
>Wayne Estes W9AE
>Mundelein, IL, USA

Hi Wayne,

Well, my 8-foot Andrew (2.5m) ku-band dish is an az-el mount (whenever I
get around to making the drive work).  I will use this dish for AO-40
mode-LS (dual-band patch feed), initial 1296 EME, and 1420 radio astronomy
(the only application currently working using a 3-1/4 turn Helix feed).
The dish is fixed due south, elev=36 deg.  (dec~ +6 deg)

I have a design on the drafting table for a polar mount for my 16-foot
(4.9m) commercial c-band dish which is still stored in my barn.  It is
ultimately destined for 1296 EME and 1420 RA.  The 8-foot dish to be used
for 10 GHz EME/sat some day.

I haven't viewed the details of P3E.  What transponders will it have?

Currently using a B5400 on a RS tripod on my roof for AO-40 holding a
33-inch offset feed dish and M2 436CP42.  Originally had a ten-elem 2m yagi
for mode-uv.  It survived 65-mph winds (sustained for 30-hours) this spring!

Ed - AL7EB
Not sure I will have the time to restore the antennas (M2 broke its boom
bracket) for FD with all the other preparations underway for the wedding.
If so, I will attempt AO-40 1800-2000utc. 

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