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Rental Cars foil HAM ops

Travelers who rent cars:

Carry a Cigarette Lighter Fuse!

I dont travel much but when I got my rental car, popped on the   mini-mag
mount antenna, duck-taped the GPS to the dash board and plugged in my APRS
HT so that people could track me and I could communicate with the meeting
where I was going, NOTHING worked.

Turns out to prevent smokers from trashing their cars, they remove the
cigartette lighter AND THE FUSE!  Also, even though I always travel with
two clip-leads, I couldnt get the dome-light cover off without
breaking it (cant carry a pocket knife due to APT security)...

I dont get to travel but about once a year these days... so this was all
new to me...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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