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Dual Rotors

Has anyone tried mounting a G-5500 on the top of a mast for satellite use 
and then a second HF rotor at the base of the mast for turning a computer 
controlled HF rotor such as the Ham V?

If I always left the HF rotor facing 180 and then setup the G-5500 aimed at 
180 it would seem the two would be in synch. I could use the 5500 for 
satellites from one location and the HamV from another location for HF.

If this will work I can use one 89 ft tower in the backyard, operate 
satellite from my satellite trailer and HF from the basement (200 ft away 
from the tower). That would keep the cable runs for the satellite down to 
about 125 ft vs 325 ft. The HF can handle the longer cable runs with ease 
... plus there would only be two or three cables vs about 6 for satellite.


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