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W0LMD test results


I see that I made some kind of "sandstorm" after I posted the message about 
my test results of the previous patch haha. I am very supprised that nobody 
else has descouvered that before, or made any notice of it.

Last week I was a little busy with qrl things. I have looked for the W0LMD 
patch information but like posted by some other amateurs I could not find 
any detailed information.
Today I see some message posted with some links and I downloaded the 
drawings and after conversion to milimeters, and finding the materials I 
made the patch like drawn :-)

The patch is much better than the square patch. It is mechanical stable and 
also more circulair :-)
Today I did some quick circularity tests and the best results I got is a 2dB 
difference. The test was done with the patch in my hand and rotate it, so 
not very optimal, but still much much better !!!!

There is only one thing I can not find out. What is the polarisation of this 
patch ????
I guess its LCHP, because its designed as feed in front of a dish, but what 
will be a RHCP design ???
(The same confussion has been with the "square, none circulair" patch... )

Does anybody know the principle of creating circularity behind this design 
Why this tuning bold is 0,5" from the feed point ??? (I would more think of 
90 degrees to feed point)

Tommorow I will wake up early and will compaire my old patch with this new 
Then I will find out if this design is worth its glory .-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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