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Field Day: CW on AO40, FO20 at night

On June 24, Stacey Mills wrote:

In anticipation of ALON reaching 350 in the next two orbits, the
schedule has been lengthened to leave the passband on until MA=220.

Estimated ALON/ALAT for June 28-29 is 353/0

Wayne replies:

This alon will result in a high AO40 squint angle for the last couple hours of Field Day.  That's a good time to work everybody for a second time on CW.  So don't forget to bring a CW key for your satellite station.  Remember, the AMSAT Field Day rules give 3 points for each CW contact, versus only 1 point for each SSB contact.

Also, don't forget that FO20 will be in the sun for the first half of the late-night passes:
0530 UTC (eastern U.S., northern Europe)
0730 UTC (all of continental U.S.)
0920 UTC (all of continental U.S.)
1110 UTC (western U.S., Alaska, Hawaii)

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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