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Re: Echo

Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:

>To quote my upcoming Echo status update article that will be in the July/Aug
>Journal: "The modulation is either narrow band FM voice or data using
>baseband shaped raised-cosine-in-time FSK. Many data rates are possible but
>The data capability will be capable of supporting limited tests of ADCARS
>techniques and protocols. 

Hello Rick and all others,

I would be pleased to get some more info. Could you kindly explain the
difference between
raised cosine FSK ( I know, what that is) and 'baseband shaped raised
cosine in time FSK'?

And if I'm right, ADCARS seems to be some kind of protocol, which is to
be invented to
get better channel throughput in satellite communications. Unfortunately
I could not find
any source for more information. Could you recommend a URL?

Thanks in advance,

Karl DL3DA in Goettingen
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