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W0LMD dimension "Glue on" template .PDF

This is the template I've mentioned.  My website is back up.


It turns out that the .PDF's don't always keep scale.  I correct for this 
for this by having the English unit scale on the drawing.  Unfortunately the 
CAD program I used (freeware) can't seem to mix metric and English on the 
same drawing.

If the scale does not print correctly, measure the actual length of the 4" 
bar on the drawing, and divide that by your measured amount, and multiply by 
100%.  Take that percentage and stick it into the "scale" option of your 
printer driver (the new HP laserjets here at work need me to set this to 96% 
for it to print to scale for example) and then the second copy you print 
will be to scale.

Glue this on to the sheet brass/aluminum with rubber cement or "glue stic" 
and then cut out the patches on a jig saw or brake shear.

For those English system challenged:  1 inch = 25.4 mm, 2 inches = 50.8 mm, 
3 inches = 76.2 mm and
4 inches = 101.6 mm

But if you cut to the template, center punch to the template and then add my 
tuning screw axially to the "N" connector 1 inch from the center (not on the 
template), you should have an almost working 2.401 GHz patch.  Tweak the 
screws and it'll work fine.

Good Luck

Fred W0FMS

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