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AO-40 tests

Hi friends,

I have tested some IF receivers with the AO-40 in order to configure my
portable setup for this summer. Tests have been done using the AA2TX
cardboard antenna http://www.barc.org/ao40_antennas/rxantenna.html (I must
say it works very well and I have built it in less of an hour without
special tools). The downconverter was my Kuhne MKU 24 OSCAR. The receivers

-Yaesu FT-817 (property of my friend Oscar EA4IC). It heard well.
-My IC-PCR1000 with DSP, 1) using a laptop and 2) using a little front panel
http://it.geocities.com/giulianoi0cg/pcr1000_control_panel.html (this little
circuit makes the PCR1000 very portable). This was the better receiver of
the test because (I think) the DSP (It removes a lot of noise).
-My Kenwood TH-F6. Heard well, but has a problem with the SSB bandwidth.
-My IC-R10. This was the worse of the test with difference.

I would like to make the most possible portable station. I have seen the AOR
AR8200 MKIII receiver http://www.aorusa.com/ar8200.html and this one has a 3
KHz SSB filter (although it has 2.4 GHz reception capabilities, I think it
would be much better using it with my downconverter).
Has anybody tried this receiver?

The rest of the portable setup will be a Kenwood TM-455 (70cm uplink), 7+7
UHF cross yagi and a 60 cm offset dish with patch feed. My doubt is the

Thank you very much for reading my bad english!

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