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Re: TV question

This is correct.  From time to time retransmissions of NASA TV turn up on Ku 
digital FTA, but the only official feed is the C-band analog one.

NASA TV alone is reason not to throw away that receiver and feedhorn/LNB you 
get with that "free" AO-40 BUD.

Fred W0FMS

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>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] TV question
>Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 04:47:48 +0000
>No, it's still analog, on what used to be GE-2, now AMC-2, at 85* West.
>"NASA Select" is on txp9V, 3880 DL, and the "Engineering Channel" is on
>txp5V, 3800 DL. We watch it at work using a VideoCipher, but it's in
>the clear. I've only seen scrambled stuff on the Engineering Channel.
>Jim  KQ6EA

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