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Re: TV question

 > No, it's still analog, on what used to be GE-2, now AMC-2, at 85* West. 
> "NASA Select" is on txp9V, 3880 DL, and the "Engineering Channel" is on 
> txp5V, 3800 DL.

There used to be a third signal on that satellite that only had the mission 
audio when the shuttle was flying.  It was either an FM^2 subcarrier or SCPC, 
I can't remember.  Anyone remember the details of this and know if they still 
transmit it during missions?

>  We watch it at work using a VideoCipher, but it's in 
> the clear. I've only seen scrambled stuff on the Engineering Channel.

What appears to be scrambled video on the engineering channel is usually just 
multiplexing 2 video feeds into the two video fields.  You can make a field 
selector to let you choose which field you are watching, however some TV sets 
let you separate the fields.  I used to have a Sony XBR TV that had a split 
screen view where you could view 2 different signals in the right and left 
halfs of the screen.  I found that if you feed the engineering channel into 
both sides of this view, with a little bit of manipulation you could get to a 
situation where you had one of the multiplexed pictures in the left and the 
other picture in the right.  I now have a newer Sony XBR, and it doesn't have 
this split screen option, but it worked well with my old TV.

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