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RE: Echo


> What is the L/S operating mode? 
> Is this ADCARS or the AMRAD proposal?

To quote my upcoming Echo status update article that will be in the July/Aug
Journal: "The modulation is either narrow band FM voice or data using
baseband shaped raised-cosine-in-time FSK. Many data rates are possible but
9.6, 38.4, 57.6K and 76.8Kbps are the most likely rates to see operational
use. To be more specific, it is expected that 9.6K and 57.6Kbps will be used
on uplinks and 9.6, 38.4, and 76.8Kbps on downlinks."

The 9600 baud data is compatible with the data capabilities built into some
current radios and many TNCs.

The data capability will be capable of supporting limited tests of ADCARS
techniques and protocols. I certainly hope that will be accomplished after
launch.  The data will also be able to support the same store-and-forward
messaging that will be on Mode V/U.


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