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Re: AO-7 for FD?

Also, Frank,  the passband is just weird on AO-7.  The satellite seems 
to have very little gain on either end of the passband.  By this I mean 
that downlinked signals are VERY weak.  If you go to the middle, that 
seems to be where the passband gain is.  But there's also a segment of 
that passband that tends to put the bird into oscillation.  I'm not 
sure if this is due to stations running too much power, etc.  But 
you'll want to avoid it.  I can't remember the frequency range for that 
(and it's 6:30 AM and I just woke up!), but it tends to be a few kcs 
above the mid-point of the passband.  Most people stay right around the 
middle or just slightly below.

YMMV compared to what Emily wrote below in terms of the difficulty 
working the bird.  If you've never worked a linear bird before, you 
better try now.  Once you get the hang of it, it's isn't bad.  But it 
is different than the typical UO-14 operation for sure!

Also, daylight for the satellite is different than daylight for you.  
It can be night here on the ground and yet, the bird can still be in 
full sun while overhead.  Remember that while planning your passes.



On Wednesday, Jun 25, 2003, at 00:08 America/Chicago, Emily Clarke 

> Just kidding of course, but before you try, know what you are in for.  
> While it's reasonable that if you are in the footprint and the 
> satellite is sunlit you will be able to work it if you have never 
> worked it before you are in for a rude awakening. It may come up in 
> Mode A (2M up/ 10M down) or in Mode B (70cm Up/2m Down) and remember, 
> it's single sideband, not FM.  Make sure you know what sidebands to 
> use, and do not transmit FM.  If you transmit FM you will only raise 
> the noise floor and no one will be able to use it.  My club is so 
> worried about it we are going to use CW so we can keep the bandwidth 
> to a minimum.
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