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A question was asked a while back concerning the implications for the
Amateur Satellite service of any items on the agenda at the  ITU WRC2003
Conference currently taking place in Geneva.

The main subject that is relevant to us is the likely approval of a system
of synthetic aperture radar satellites for earth exploration. These would
use a 6MHz channel somewhere between 420-470MHz. It seems likely that they
will end up using 432-438MHz. It also appears possible that their operation
may be limited to exclude North America and Europe.

I have found three websites that give up-to-date info concerning the
Conference, but as they all explain, decisions are not decisions until final




There is also a Dutch proposal to add an item to the agenda for the next WRC
(maybe 2008?) to amend the footnote 5.282 which presently limits the amateur
satellite service to uplinks only on the 1260-1270MHz band. Their proposal
would be to also allow satellite downlinks on this band. It is reported that
many administrations support this proposal but that a few are concerned
about possible QRM to the new proposed EU Galileo GPS system which may use a
broadband channel from 1260-1290MHz for one of it's services.


Graham G3VZV

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