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Re: RE: Tell us the truth then Rick!

On Tuesday, Jun 24, 2003, at 07:26 America/Chicago, Rick Hambly 
((W2GPS)) wrote:

> You left out the fact that AMSAT-NA has not embarked on a satellite
> construction project for over a decade. During that time we assisted 
> in the
> construction of AO-40 and our membership fell nearly in half and
> significantly reducing income.

This is a key matter of importance for the prestige and, I think, 
viability of Amsat-NA as a whole.  I believe the last bird that 
Amsat-NA led the development on and launched was AO-16.  That was a 
LONG time ago.  It made sense for everyone to band together for AO-40 
and it's a shame that such a stupid thing as a relief valve plug was 
left in place.  So close...

And yes, September 11 and the economy in general in the last two years 
definitely changed things.

But the bottom line was that Eagle was always going to be a project 
that would take at least 2 to 3 years to develop if a launch 
opportunity was found.  Echo on the other hand, could be put up a lot 
quicker.  While I think Eagle is critical to the future viability of 
Amsat, I think Echo is a major step forward as well.  It will get the 
PSK guys interested more in sats and it will be a good test platform 
for digital voice coms with its TDMA capabilities.  RUDAK was sorta 
supposed to be able to do that but who knows how well that will work.

The other thing that people must realize is that this BB is probably 
representative of a tiny portion of the AMSAT membership.  Most people 
here probably are HEO fanatics like myself.  However, that doesn't mean 
that we in any way represent that majority.

I personally, don't care what we get up in the next 18 months - let's 
just get something up for our own pride and bragging rights.  Let's not 
forget that P3E is well under way and if we can help that project 
along, let's do so.  Yes, there may be some sour grapes with the folks 
on the other side of the pond over the AO-40 situation, but let's not 
let that stop us.

If P3E must go up first and then Eagle, so be it.  But frankly, I saw 
Eagle as a step backward from AO-40 in many ways.  So maybe if we don't 
do it now, we will be better in the long run.  Who knows.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)

Citizen of the People's Democratic Republik of Illinois

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"It takes as much stress to be a success as it does to be a failure."
                 - Emilio James Trujillo

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