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Re: RE: Tell us the truth then Rick!

Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:
> For those who strongly disagree with some decision the Board makes please do
> not quit AMSAT. Do not "go away". Do not just slam the Board on AMSAT-BB.
> Take your energy in a constructive decision and vote. Express your opinions
> directly to the Board. Come to meetings and speak up. Write articles.
> Channel your energy in some constructive way.

I agree.

For the record, I, too prefer to see Eagle sooner than later.  However, 
after spending several hours carefully reading the minutes of the last 
board meeting in the Journal, I understand the board's decision, and can 
offer no better alternative to the board -- or I would have.

I'm also excited about Echo.  LEO linear transponders again!  Store and 
forward again, since the 10+ year old constellation is about gone.  This 
is all good news.  I've been involved with the amateur satellite station 
at the Virginia Air & Space Center, KE4ZXW.  All of our volunteers are 
convinced that store and forward digital operations is the best way to 
let the station operate autonomously while explaining to museum 
visitors.  We've been wrestling with what to do now that most of the 9K6 
birds are no longer fully operational.  I've been advocating a paradigm 
shift in what/how we show the public, and it's being considered.  The 
digital capability of ECHO will help this exhibit immensely. This 
exhibit is seen by many visitors each day, and gives tham a DYNAMIC 
display of ham radio -- this is NOT a static display, and has generated 
positive media coverage for Ham Radio on several occasions.

I agree with Rick:  Let's work proactively to do BOTH projects.

As I said last week, I think this discussion is productive and healthy, 
but I'd like to see a bit less emotion in it.

Respectfully and very 73,
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