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Re: TV question

W7LRD said:
> I have several primestar dishes along with a receiver and even a
> remote control.  Do any of you know if there is any TV programing
> that this stuff can receive?  I thought it might be interesting to
> play with this stuff when I'm out of the AO-40  footprint.  There
> are a lot of geostationary satellites up there and I have no clue
> where to begin. Perhaps the receiver is just junk at this point.

      PrimeStar was Ku band and there is LOTS of Ku band TV being
downlinked from various geostationary satellites.  Check out
http://www.lyngsat.com/ for information on what is where.  As to the
equipment, the receiver is pretty much junk.  The downconverter is
certainly of use.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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Southern California Edison Co.
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