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Re: RE: Tell us the truth then Rick!

On 24 Jun 2003 at 8:26, Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:

> Yes, but the Board's perception has been that a lot more members
> wanted an "EasySat". 
> You left out the fact that AMSAT-NA has not embarked on a satellite
> construction project for over a decade. During that time we assisted
> in the construction of AO-40 and our membership fell nearly in half
> and significantly reducing income.


It's interesting that you note AMSAT-NA membership fell nearly 50% 
during the time when there were **plenty** of FM EasySats (AO-27, UO-
14, SO-35, etc.) and yet there were **no** properly functioning P3 
type sats since the death of AO-13 in 1996 until the launch of AO-40.

I happen to think that you garner more support (financial, 
volunteers, etc.) from folks who have invested something in a 
groundstation. If your total satellite station investment is a dual-
band handheld and an Arrow antenna, you might be less inclined to 
donate time and money.

Someone who has invested in a P3 class groundstation is more likely 
to invest a little more money (time, etc.) to make it worthwhile. 

What was that old saying, "where your treasure is there will your 
heart be also"...?

In the years between the demise of AO-13 and the launch of AO-40 
there was one or more "complete mode-B groundstations" for sale on 
this list every week. You could watch the slow, steady migration out 
of this facet of the hobby despite there having been several EasySats 
available and working great. 

With that obvious reality I wonder how the BoD got the "perception" 
that members wanted more EasySats?

73, Jeff

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