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dish feed for .377f/d dish?

Sorry for the bandwidth but,
   I need some quick info. I have a drake 2880 dc that I'm going to try to
mod tonight. I also have a .377 f/d 30 inch dish I
would like to try on AO-40 (I know it's not the best DC but I've had it for
a couple of years and don't have an income at
the moment to buy a better one)
   What feed should work best for this dish? patch or Helical. And how many
turns for a helical if I can't get a patch built in
time for field day?
  Thanks, Mike
PS. where would the best Mod site for the Drake be?  I have the power
inserter and a crystal but if I run out of time I may
have to use the 123 mhz unmodified freq for now.

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