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Re: Invitation for an Article in the Journal

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On Jun 23 2003 05:45 -0500, JoAnne Maenpaa wrote:

> >   + revision of the regulations governing the amateur and
> >     amateur-satellite services

This agenda item, from what I have understood, is Article 25 on the Morse
code requirement. An important change, but if it affects the amateur
satellite service in any real way I can only see the satellite parts of the
V/U/SHF bands getting more users. I have a feeling (which by no means is
backed by anything scientific) that HF is going to get pretty crowded as the
CW requirement is removed from the international regulations, and this will
lead people who don't _specifically_ want or need to use HF for some reason
to look at other options. Satellite is probably going to be one of those.

I am not imagining an en masse migration from HF to satellite, but there is a
good chance that the birds will get quite a few new users.

> >   + consideration of an allocation for satellite-borne
> >     synthetic aperture radars (SARs) in the 70-cm band

This is indeed of importance, and what was reported over here last week was
that there "seems to be a small minority in favor of secondary status". So,
it would seem that it'd all depend on what status amateur radio and amateur
satellite has in that spectrum.

I consider this one to be of significantly more importance than the Article
25 update when it comes to potential interference.

Michael Kjörling

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