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RE: Mode-B vs Mode-J

I work 10+ hr days, and I'm still building my house in the country.  I 
operate AO-40 on average so far twice a year.  It's taken me four years to 
get my AO-40 receiving setup to perfection. (and it's nearly there).  But 
it's been an iterative learning process and fun.  I enjoy doing this, 
although I spend scant time doing it.  When I do I make it, often getting 
the XYL totally mad at me.

But I really enjoy the little I am able to do.  It's much better than 

Fred W0FMS

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>Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Mode-B vs Mode-J
>Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 15:48:35 -0000
>	Jon here is just one example, but there are others.
>Jon, the name ISN'T STEVE.  Not in this message, not in the others either.
>But most folks never read the whole message anyway, so don't worry about 
>I am glad you have enough time to build stuff.  I don't.  Maybe when I am
>old and retired too.  And so nice of you to assume your life is the same as
>everyone else's.  Ever start a new small-business.  You don't know what
>no-time is.
>Since I quit using AO-40 for being an alligator (Yes, the $200 solution
>works, but not well) and it doesn't seem like anything better is on the
>horizon except building stuff or buying more and more, I am out of here.  I
>expect I am not the first, nor will I be the last.
>Maybe in the future when I get past this period in life, and I do have the
>time to build, or can afford to buy, I may look to see what has come of
>satellites.  I may be back, or maybe not.  No matter, I am just one person
>who is tired of the same cycle.
>To K5OE and the others who have been helpful, thanks.  If I decide to sell
>the 13 ULNA I built but didn't have time to install, I will let you know.
>That goes for the bigger dish, the copper wire for the helix, and all the
>other stuff too.  Maybe even the Yaesu G-5400B and the new-in-box labjack.
>To those of you who have nothing to say except stop sleeping and build,
>enjoy.  You drove another op away.  Big help to AMSAT you are!
>This will be my last message on the list.
>We're outta here.  HF covers more than 1/2 the world anyway.  Good luck
>getting new members.
>BTW, DM-61 has just become a rare grid.  With my quitting satellites, the
>last active satellite station in the grid is now  -GONE-
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> > Steve,
> >
> > We have the time for what we want to do.  Period.
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