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CT3/CT1EAT announcement

Hi All

As some of you might remember, a few months ago
I sent a message to this list asking about DXCC 
never worked on satellite before.
My aim was to create a most wanted DXCC list, 
for future reference of sat operators, and to allow
me to choose a place for my holidays, so I could 
operate AO-40 and gave a new DXCC for everyone.

Several list subscribers sent me their own list,
but Hardy (DC8TS) simplified the process for me.
He is probably #1 DXCC sat operator, so if he hasn't 
worked it yet, I bet no one else did. Please have
a look at his page: http://go.to/dc8ts

Thanks to all info it was easy to choose a destiny.
However I soon discover AO-40 sked wasn't compatible 
with my planned holiday. Also problems related to 
licensing, security and budget made me realised it
wasn't going to be easy as I first thought.
Even so, despite all those issues, I found a solution
who is a compromise to the above constraints.

So, I'm happy to announce the CT3/CT1EAT Dx holiday,
from Porto Santo Is. (Madeira Is. Arch.), starting
on the 24th, ending 30th July 2003.
For more information, please visit my home page:

I will not gave a new DXCC to everyone, but probably
to some. At least, as far as I know, CT3 haven't been 
yet active on AO-40.
On another hand, Porto Santo Is. grid locator is IM13,
(diferent from the main island, IM12). I couldn't find
any evidence of previous sat operation from there, so
maybe it will be a first time via sat from that grid :0)
Even that's not true, it doesn't matter. All I'm looking
for is a great holiday and lots of QSO.

I hope to see you soon on AO-40, specially from CT3.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. For those of you who enjoy HF, outside AO-40 windows
        I'll work from 10 to 20m (SSB+RTTY), including a single op
        low power entry on IOTA contest. See also my web page for
        more info.

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