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Re: BoD election

> Do you think it would be appropriate for the candidates to post what 
> they feel
> their priorities as a BoD member would be?  A statement of purpose of 
> sorts or
> even an e-debate?
> I think it would help me to be more informed and able to make a better 
> decision
> on the candidate that most reflects my voting interests.
> I bet that this list serves as the major or only connection to AMSAT 
> for many of the members.

Good idea Chris. How about the candidates each hold a one hour net on 
the AMSAT Echolink server.  This way members can check in and ask the 
candidate direct questions. Right now the candidates are only required 
to present a prepared statement to go out with the ballots.  Might help 
put some excitement into the election.  Right now the elections for BoD 
look like a rubber stamp process.

Barry - VA3BJD

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