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BoD election

On Thursday, June 19, 2003, at 10:23 AM, VEFRH@aol.com wrote:

> ..........One of the functions of the Board of Directors is to keep a 
> list of
> Priorities, and to adjust that list to suit members requirements and 
> changing
> conditions.................

> However I am concerned that YOU the membership must vote.!
> For the past few years it seems that too many members have not voted. 
> Well
> now is your chance - VOTE for the people who are most likely to 
> represent you at
> the BoD. With candidates of differing skills it is important to get your
> choice on the BoD.

Do you think it would be appropriate for the candidates to post what 
they feel
their priorities as a BoD member would be?  A statement of purpose of 
sorts or
even an e-debate?

I think it would help me to be more informed and able to make a better 
on the candidate that most reflects my voting interests.

I bet that this list serves as the major or only connection to AMSAT for 
many of the members.


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