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RE: Mode-B vs Mode-J VERSUS Mode-S

DOH!  Thanks Tony

At 18:51 2003-06-19, Tony Langdon wrote:
> > Amateur is secondary status worldwide between 1260-1300 MHz.
> > Probably the space-to-earth requirement comes from the
> > Primary worldwide
> > allocation of Earth Exploration-Satellite (active) and Space Research
> > (active)  which I believe refers to imaging and other bistatic radar
> > techniques.  If this is correct, an L-band uplink would
> > potentially cause
> > harmful interference to that service (as they're trying to
> > listen for the
> > reflections).
>You guys have it back to front, L band is UPLINK only (isn't AO-40 L an
>uplink afterall? :) ).  And yes, I think C band is the same.
>Obviously, downlinking is more likely to cause problems with other services
>on the band.
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