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Re: Mode-B vs Mode-J VERSUS Mode-S


You make a very salient point.  That's an excellent idea and I think it 
could be done w/o excessive cost either to build or to operate.

If you could get an orbit like RS-15 or even at a level like the GPS 
satellites, you could have a large coverage area.  I know the Van Allen 
Belt prohibits a range of orbits.  But the GPS birds I think are just 
below it and the typical LEO is far below that.  Your idea is really 
quite good.

Plus, it's kind of fun to see and work "over the horizon" contacts with 
the birds using HF when you get weird HF propagation modes.



On Thursday, Jun 19, 2003, at 17:19 America/Chicago, Edward R. Cole 

> But first I feel that the next step in ease to bring new hams or 
> provide
> sat opportunity to those who want it simple is the 10m/2m SSB 
> Transponder
> Sat.  One in Meo would be my thinking.  Mode-A is not too hard for a 
> ham to
> equip for.  Currently all of the mode-A birds are gone!
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