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Re: Mode-B vs Mode-J


First of all, I know you are a good conservative American.  The 
conservative political philosophy is rooted in the fact that you can be 
better and that America is the land of opportunity and whatever you can 
dream you can do.  Maybe that's not just a conservative philosophy but 
is common to all of us regardless of political bent  :-).

So why not apply that same philosophy to ham radio?  For crying out 
loud.  To get on Mode S, you only need to spend about $150 or less!  To 
get on mode U/V you need a lot more.  Both need an all mode radio.  
Both need a UHF antenna.  But a good 2m CP satellite antenna bought new 
costs a lot more than $150.

The concept that microwaves can't be done cheaply is just not that 
accurate.  I agree that as you add band on band on band, then it makes 
a difference and it adds up.  But if you are a sat op, you've generally 
already got boatloads of money in your station anyhow unless you just 
operate UO-14 with an HT and an arrow.



On Thursday, Jun 19, 2003, at 17:25 America/Chicago, Mike Olbrisch 

> Here go the $$$ again.  Mode-S.  Mode-L.  Mode-X.  Mode-K.
> Great way to bring in the fresh newcomers and keep the
> fixed-income old timers.  Make them spend lots of $$$ on
> new stuff.  Works EVERY time.
Jon Ogden
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