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RE: Mode-B vs Mode-J VERSUS Mode-S

> I must be one of the only few people on the amsat-bb that 
> likes the 2400 MHz 
> downlink better than the 2m AO-13 downlink.  I built both 
> antenna systems 
> from scratch (I've always had a lot of technical knowledge 
> but not a lot of 
> money) and I can assure you it was both simpler and cheaper 
> to build the 
> S-downlink from scratch using surplus dishes, scrap sheet 
> aluminum/brass, 
> than it was to build either uplink/downlink yagi on AO-13.  
> And my 2.4 GHz 
> downlink works better.

While I haven't (yet) built a complete downlink, I have many of the parts to
do so.  Because space and weight are my greatest constraints, followed by
money, 10 GHz would have been an even more interesting downlink.  It's a
pity the X band downlink didn't work, but them's the breaks.

I can make 2.4 work.  The front end won't be too difficult.  I have a 2-3'
dish and some surplus downconverters. Just need to build a feed and a simple
way of mounting and aligning the dish (it must be portable, because I've got
nowhere to permanently mount it).

The UHF uplink is actually a bigger issue in some ways than the downlink.

However, all in good time, as all of my original satellite and ATV projects
got put on hold because of VoIP...

Maybe I'll be ready when when we have a bird capable of operating higher up
in the microwave bands. :-)  Digital voice would be a bonus too (and
probably the ultimate cure for the alligator problem - let the system
control the uplink "slots" and avoid user contention). :-)

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