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RE: Mode-B vs Mode-J

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> This is why I want L Band (1.2ghz) to be the uplink and U 
> Band (70cm) to be the downlink. 

Here go the $$$ again.  Mode-S.  Mode-L.  Mode-X.  Mode-K.


Great way to bring in the fresh newcomers and keep the 
fixed-income old timers.  Make them spend lots of $$$ on 
new stuff.  Works EVERY time.

If you want more people to join in, you need to make the
produce (satellites) something that everyone can use.

If you want to "ADVANCE THE HOBBY" beyond what most hams
are willing to go through or spend, you have to expect
to be labeled as elitists, and there will not be many.

And don't give me the BUILD IT line.  How many hams do 
you think you will get if they have to build it first?
Maybe retired folks have the time.  Some might even have 
the $$$, knowledge, and patience too.

Yes, I know there are a few.  I don't have time to build.
And I am tired of buying.  This part of the hobby will
advance, right out of most shacks.  And it isn't in that 
many shacks as it is.  When 20% of the satellite ops are 
left, the fund raisers will need to be massive.

Just my opinion.  Flame suit on.  Go for it.  I have 
already quit using AO-40 because I am an alligator and don't 
have the time to do anything about it.  So what's next?

Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, TX

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