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Hi All,
An excellent discussion is taking place on AMSAT-BB, as Jim Sandford has 
requested " let's Keep it going" as it can only benefit AMSAT, certainly I will 
not 'shut it down'.
As you can see, we have many differing ideas about the things AMSAT should or 
should not do.  Just about as many Ideas as we have participants on the BBS. 

One of the functions of the Board of Directors is to keep a list of 
Priorities, and to adjust that list to suit members requirements and changing 
conditions. Hence the Board made a decision to develop a LEO satellite (ECHO) which we 
knew we could launch relatively quickly and at the right price, in place of 
EAGLE a more expensive bird and at a very high launch cost (actual quotation).
We are still looking for an acceptable launch cost for EAGLE and suitable 
financing to meet that project. (Can you help?)
Feed back through this -bb and personal contacts also convinced the BoD that 
a LEO satellite would meet more AMSAT-NA members requirements and that the P3E 
satellite being built by Germany (Launch 2005) would fulfil the GTO 

AMSAT-NA members plus limited AMSAT-NA funding have, of course, contributed 
to the development of P3E in the form of the CAN-Bus and the new IHU both of 
which are being developed and built in the USA.  Various other aspects of the 
work for P3E are being done by AMSAT-NA members including the software for the 
above hardware. So yes, we are busy on all fronts as members involved in P3E 
are also involved in ECHO and EAGLE. - Oh and by the way - we do have new 
members and contributors working on all three projects, something we always keep in 

When the new Board members take their places, after the election, they will 
be brought up to date on the details of current work in progress, however most 
of the information appears on one or more of several places, i.e. This -bb, 
The AMSAT Journal, the AMSAT Web pages, Other AMSAT Web Pages and Publications 
(UK and DL) and the Presidents Monthly News Letter. 

I am delighted to have  so many candidates for the four BoD places,  believe 
me I know them all and IMHO each one is worthy to be your representatives. 
Each one has a different set of strengths and could contribute well as a BOD 
However I am concerned that YOU the membership must vote.!
For the past few years it seems that too many members have not voted. Well 
now is your chance - VOTE for the people who are most likely to represent you at 
the BoD. With candidates of differing skills it is important to get your 
choice on the BoD.
Remember Only four will get on the BOD but two more will become BoD 
The Ballots will be mailed in Mid July - and must be returned to Silver 
Spring by September 15 - so do it right away as soon as you receive your ballot, do 
not delay.
Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT
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