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Re: Echo vs. Eagle Discussion

Eagle shouldn't be put on the back burner.   I can't donate a lot, but it 
will total somewhere between 500 and 1000, the same as I did for P3D.  I 
still think that money going toward Echo would have been used for Eagle if 
we hadn't signed on with SpaceQuest.  If you polled people on this list and 
asked them what they heard about first, Eagle or Echo, I'm sure most would 
say Eagle.  So I would say Echo did steal money away from Eagle.

At 09:10 AM 6/19/03 -0400, <w4epi@attbi.com> wrote:
>I'm glad to see a discussion of AMSAT priorities going on here for the
>first time. Now, if we could just get a small portion of the authors to
>show up for Board of Directors meetings, representation of the desires
>of satellite operators would be a lot easier to keep front-and-center of
>AMSAT policy setters. Far too many policy decisions are made by the BOD
>with not a single AMSAT-NA member (meaning non-BOD) present.
>As an existing BOD Member/Alternate and candidate for re-election, I'd
>like to wade into this discussion regarding Echo vs. Eagle priorities.
>First, the biggest cash donation I made to AMSAT in 2002 was dedicated
>to the Eagle Project. I will continue to support Eagle with hard-earned
>dollars. I've worked quite a few of you on AO-40, and enjoy the high
>orbit, all-mode design. However, as hard as it was to accept at the
>time, I agreed with the decision to focus on completing Echo before
>wading into a campaign for funding, designing, and building Eagle. Here
>is a quick review of the justification for that decision from my point
>of view:
>  - Echo is a short cycle project while Eagle is long cycle. We <know>
>that Eagle will fill needs we have now, and will continue to need for
>the near term. Low and high speed digital, FM bent pipe,
>store-and-forward messaging, and a platform to test TDMA voice are
>capabilities that were easy to agree will foster growth for us in the
>next 5 years. Eagle's long cycle project combined with its existing
>design puts us in the position of much of its functionality being
>duplication of other missions currently under design and construction.
>  - Echo represents a diversification of <who> builds AMSAT-NA's
>satellites. This is my reason; not one widely held in the BOD. I am
>constantly alarmed by the lack of new faces contributing time and
>attention to the technical side of our organization. Echo is helping in
>that respect. Not nearly enough, but it is a start.
>To conclude, I am <so> happy to see new interest in serving on the BOD.
>One and all are capable and competent to serve. I would caution against
>anyone viewing their role as a potential BOD member as a one-issue
>candidate or with a personal mission to flatly change our priorities
>based on the most recent fad train-of-thought discussion.
>Somebody said on AMSAT-BB recently that these are tough times, and we
>need tough (and thoughtful) leaders. We have <many> challenges in front
>of us, and we need to consider their interaction before stomping off in
>a rash move.
>I welcome any and all correspondence. Feel free to message me directly
>if you have side questions.
>Steve Diggs, W4EPI
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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