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Re: Here's your chance to vote for Echo or Eagle

At 11:48 PM 6/18/03 -0700, Dave Guimont <dguimon1@san.rr.com> wrote:

>>OK - so those of you who want Eagle and do not want Echo here's your
>>If you will nominate me for the AMSAT board of directors (assuming it's not
>>too late) and elect me to the AMSAT board of directors, I promise to devote
>>my efforts to see that funding for the Echo project is put on hold and see
>>that all future funding will go to Eagle to ensure that Eagle becomes
>>operational ASAP. Additionally I will seek to transfer the existing
>>(prepaid) Echo hardware and technology to a suitable University or to Bob
>>Bruninga's program (if they are interested) for completion and funding by
>Don, you've got my vote...go for it...
>            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org

It's too late for new nominations, and besides, even if it weren't, after 
reading what he wrote, I don't think the Echo people would ever allow it.


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