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Re: RE: Eagle

well I don't prefer 2m on the sat. I think it is a waste of resources 
(space, time, manpower, and money).  But if it must be there I want it as a 
third level (V/U) backup only in case the primary (L/U) or seconday (L/S) 
payloads fail.

At 12:57 AM 6/19/2003, you wrote:
>OK, Leslie, you aren't making sense here.
>A few posts ago, you stated that you wanted mode U/V or V/U on Eagle.
>Now you say you don't want to deal with a 2m antenna?
>I'm confused.  From this post, it sounds like what you want is mode U/S 
>which is what you have.  Why then did you say that you wouldn't support a 
>satellite that didn't have U/V or V/U?

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