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Re: RE: Eagle

OK, Leslie, you aren't making sense here.

A few posts ago, you stated that you wanted mode U/V or V/U on Eagle.  
Now you say you don't want to deal with a 2m antenna?

I'm confused.  From this post, it sounds like what you want is mode U/S 
which is what you have.  Why then did you say that you wouldn't support 
a satellite that didn't have U/V or V/U?



On Wednesday, Jun 18, 2003, at 20:39 America/Chicago, sco@sco-inc.com 

> Because I don't want to deal with a 2m sat antenna. It is too big and 
> bulky to move in my trailer for Field Day and Satellite demos. My 10ft 
> M2 70cm cross yagi is much easier to deal with, along with my S Band 
> dish. I would rather spend the money for a L Band amp than deal with 
> the hassle of a 2m antenna. I am not even taking a 2m antenna to Field 
> Day this year, nothing to use it on here in Atlanta. All our work will 
> be on AO-40, look for us as W4BOC 4a GA.
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