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Here's your chance to vote for Echo or Eagle

OK - so those of you who want Eagle and do not want Echo here's your

If you will nominate me for the AMSAT board of directors (assuming it's not
too late) and elect me to the AMSAT board of directors, I promise to devote
my efforts to see that funding for the Echo project is put on hold and see
that all future funding will go to Eagle to ensure that Eagle becomes
operational ASAP. Additionally I will seek to transfer the existing
(prepaid) Echo hardware and technology to a suitable University or to Bob
Bruninga's program (if they are interested) for completion and funding by

Furthermore, I will seek to expand AMSAT's funding base and talent pool so
that we can continue to do more great projects.

Remember I've already expressed my _personal_ opinion (in a previous email)
that I want both projects completed - this is my chance to see that happen.

Here's my personal background: 43 Years old. Over twenty years of I.T.
(Information Technology) experience - I started my I.T. career during
college having setup a complete college administration system on a Unix
system in 1981. Over the years I have worked with virtually every facet of
I.T. and have spent the last five years in "hands-on" management/technical
roles. From 1980-1986 I served for six years in the Georgia Air National
Guard and left at the rank of Staff Sergeant. For the last ten years, as a
single father, I have raised my 17 year old son. Two years ago I became a
member of my community's volunteer fire department (read unpaid) - I began
with a certification as a "First Responder" (first aid/CPR) and later
received certifications as a "Firefighter" and most recently (December)
received certification as an EMT-I (Emergency Medical Technician
Intermediate). I've been licensed as a ham for over 10 years and have built
and maintained several commercial and amateur repeater systems - I have
been involved with satellites for just over two years and own/operate an
Oscar class satellite ground station.

Best 73's

Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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