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Re: New "Bird Builders"

At 01:39 PM 6/18/2003 -0400, Gunther Meisse wrote:
>Jon & Jeff & all members:
>A new crop of bird builders? How about an "AMSAT Summer Space Camp"?
>Team up with an organization like one of the Universities or the Navy who
>have an active bird building program. We host he Summer Camp at the
>University, cooperatively develop the curriculum, make some money for the
>AMSAT budget, and bring along some young people who might become out next
>Make the Camp available to anyone, in say the High School level, with
>special emphasis on the schools that have participated in the ARISS program.
>The Camp would be 10 days to 2 weeks, in a campus environment, with time
>spent in the classroom and in the lab where actual birds were being built. A
>portion of the curriculum would include sessions on the basics of Amateur
>Radio, how to get your license, orbital math & physics, construction
>limitations and protocol, and hopefully some personal time with a seasoned
>bird builder. Take-homes would include study guides for your ham ticket, a
>student copy of NOVA (or such) which they could put on their home computer
>and show all their friends, pictures of them in the spacecraft lab, placing
>their name on the spacecraft that will someday soon be in orbit, etc, etc...
>This could be a destiny setting event for young people!!!
>Ok all you ham, teachers, builders, and ARISS volunteers, start thinking
>about this..
>The relationship with a university is ideal since they have the physical
>structure to accommodate the participants, and the prestige to help attract
>and publicize them. I think they would jump at the concept. It smacks of
>potential students for the University. The tuition would cover the
>university's expenses and provide a profit center for AMSAT, and would set
>the stage for future bird builders.
>I think the Space Camp concept was a success at NASA Huntsville.. Have not
>heard much about it in recent years, so I am not sure if it still happens.
>Perhaps one of us who is associated with NASA could find out and share
>Just one more rung in a very tall ladder.


Not a bad idea!  But I would include college students.  Bob Bruninga's
program is at the college level and this has great potential bring young
technogists into ham satellite world.  Not only does it bring youth into
the field but good prospects for designers and builders of the next
generation of ham sats!  College students have the level of education to be
able to be entry-level designers.

Not to discourage HS level programs as they also feed newcomers into ham

The other benefit is this ham radio experience can encourage young people
to technical careers, another selling point for the overall continuance of
the hobby {I know because my career was the direct outgrowth of being a ham
at 14}.

73, Ed - AL7EB
first lic Nov. 1958...KN8MWA
Grad: BS-Math/EE Mich State Univ 1968
employed with JPL/NASA 1972-1979
...and now looking toward retirement in 2010..:-)

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