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Echo - Eagle - FM - SSB - Digital The answer

Gentlemen & Ladies!!!
I feel like I am about to step into the ......(pie)...
Echo - Eagle - FM - SSB - Digital ???
The other night, when I was working on AMSAT matters, thinking about my
run for the Board, I thought I would take an hour and outlining our
AMSAT constituency and the kinds of interests they had. I will not bore
you with all my nitty gritty. I did however reach the conclusion that we
have MANY types of constituents, all with very legitimate satellite
interests, and there is no right or wrong about the selection of birds
we propose to build. What is wrong is that we do not have enough money
to build a good variety AT THE SAME TIME, and provide the funding to put
them in orbit. As a result, someone is always riding the caboose. It is
unfortunate, but an economic reality unless we can do some things that
change the funding structure of the organization. You know, I would love
to have three AO-40 HEOs buzzing around so I would not have any breaks
in coverage.. On the other hand, I would love to see a full
constellation of LEOs so one would not have to wait twelve hours for the
next pass of my favorite. What a neat world it would be. Well, it could
be, but only if all of us put on our thinking caps and developed new
income streams for our AMSAT.. This is like a confessional, but I will
tell you, I signed up for a bargin-basment Life Membership many, many
years ago (#594). Set for life...COOL..... Well, when AO-40 came along,
I was drenched in guilt, I made an additional contribution to AMSAT-NA,
and some months later signed up for the Presidents Club. I owe it to my
hobby. You know, over 20-25 years of printing & mailing the Journal,
AMSAT was loosing money having me as a member. I don't flinch when the
fishing license goes up, because they stock fish in the lakes. I don't
flinch when I buy a new rig, after all, it's my hobby.. Well HALF of our
rig is up in the sky and we have to pay for it. There is no question
that some of us can afford it more than others, but someone, just last
night, said that the value of a "cup of coffee a day" was going to be
added to his contribution to AMSAT. I love it!!!
Do what you can, when you can. Remember, it is only a short time after
the engine reaches the station that the caboose also gets there. 
Dinner time. Lucky for you!!!
Gunther Meisse

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