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Re: Financial support

On Wednesday 18 June 2003 02:49 pm, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> IF SSB is so popular, how come we hear people all the time complaining
> about investing in all the gear to work SSB up and down and then finding
> no one to talk to on Fuji's, AO-7 or the RS birds?
> Yes, we would all love to have a broadband transponder full of SSB QSO's
> but if no one uses them except on Field Day, it is not a good
> investment...  What everyone doesnt like about FM is that it is TOO
> Doesnt take much to figure that one out...
> Bob

Hi Bob,
   the RS birds have been dead for awhile... ao7 although back 
couldn't/shouldn't be termed a functional sat so what do you have left?

 lets face it you have to be pretty dedicated to chase the Fuji's for 15mins 
of SSB use...

I'm not sure UO-14 is a good investment either,sure everyone can hit it, and 
use it 1 QSO at a time... of course your call ,name and grid isn't much of a 
QSO now is it? and how does this bring in new blood  when the newbie gets 
stepped on or chewed out and called lid  when he does something like a newbie 
 If were going to stay FM then at least a multi channel FM bird would be an 
 anymore than 2 people trying to use UO-14 makes it packed... :-)

it seems to me the only real future is  HEO birds with long duration,  the 
trick is to build them such that they are still relatively easy to use. 

Kevin WA6FWF
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