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RE: Ham Radio apathy

> I am not a member of AMSAT, I do not plan to be.  Some of the issues.
> Apathy, where are the young hams?  The club here has  maybe three
> hams who are under twenty years of age, then the rest of the club is
> late thirties to old timers like myself.  ARRL's "Big  
> Project" may get

Apathy is certainly a big issue, and more of us should get out there.

> a few young people interested?   There are more choices for outside
> interest of young  people now days, how do we get them interested in
> ham radio?  Or you mention satellite operation at a club meeting,
> they all say, ya I would like to do that some day, but never do.
> I do not think out of the 125 members of the club maybe one or
> two are semi active on the satellites.  I suggested a speaker for
> a meeting to speak on satellite operation.  The program chair person
> was not the least bit interested.

I've done a few presentations on satellites.  The FM birds down here are
actually a good start, because of the low traffic levels - how many of you
guys in the Northern Hemisphere can claim to have had UO-14 to themselves?
I have had the odd occasion when I was literally the _only_ station on the
bird (lots of unanswered CQ calls...).

Mode A is certainly a good one to have in a LEO as well, because it's
relatively easy to operate and a lot of people have suitable gear to run it
(even if only PTT-CW on a HT :) ).

> Antenna restrictions is where I fall in the scope of things.  
> I live  in an
> apartment, can not put up yagis.  Soon most likely to be 

I have similar problems.  Being young, portable operation is the way I deal
with those aspects of ham radio (e.g. HF) I can't operate from home.

> alone yagis or dishes  for any of the satellites.   Tried to 
> get into FO-29
> yesterday on CW with ground plane antennas, didn't"t make it. 

You probably got in, but couldn't hear the downlink.  Did you hear the
beacon?  I used to be able to get quite a readable signal on CW using 0.25W
and a small Yagi, though decoding it on an FM receiver (all I had) was kind
of tricky.  :-)

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