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Re: Financial support

> ... designated my pittance to go to ANYTHING but a two-user FM bird and
> its attendant problems...I've heard no squabbles at all concerning the
> ssb/cw/digital birds to begin to compare to the wrangling about
> communications (OR RATHER LACK OF IT!!) on the FMers.

IF SSB is so popular, how come we hear people all the time complaining
about investing in all the gear to work SSB up and down and then finding
no one to talk to on Fuji's, AO-7 or the RS birds?

Yes, we would all love to have a broadband transponder full of SSB QSO's
but if no one uses them except on Field Day, it is not a good
investment...  What everyone doesnt like about FM is that it is TOO

Doesnt take much to figure that one out...


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