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Re: Financial support

>Excellent idea, but members need to know what they're donating money to 
>and there is just not enough information about the capabilities of Eagle 
>yet for some to feel comfortable about sending in a donation.  If I'd have 
>sent in a donation for Echo, and I see now what it will do, I would've 
>felt like I got screwed.  And now, I kind of feel like we all got screwed 
>anyway.  There never should been an Echo if that meant fewer funds or 
>construction delays for Eagle.

Exactly, Vince....The "unvocal majority" out there (some of whom no longer 
belong to AMSAT) I'm sure feel the same way...tho I have no way to prove 
it.  Does it have anything to do with reduction in our numbers?

I can only afford to be a "sustaining member", but I designated my pittance 
to go to ANYTHING but a two-user FM bird and its attendant problems...I've 
heard no squabbles at all concerning the ssb/cw/digital birds to begin to 
compare to the wrangling about communications (OR RATHER LACK OF IT!!) on 
the FMers.

Why does everyone suppose old Oscar 7 was welcomed back with such 
enthusiasm, as crippled as it is!!

Come on all (and potential) directors...state your position for the new 

An FM uplink is ok, if one uses a key!!  But only if a suitable cw 
transponder exists on the other end...If purchasing an "expensive uplink 
radio" is used as an argument..

Of course money is necessary...yet IMHO we throw it away on ISS and FM birds...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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