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Re: Future Sats: L/U

I think we should also have a S band downlink because all the new AO-40 
users already have the S band downlink thing going. I would use L/U as 
primary and L/S as seconday with U/V as a third level, on the power budget 
plan. U/V would only get power if there were not enough users on the first 
two levels to use all the power available or if one of those levels failed 
for some reason (we would have U/V as a safety backup to the primary (L/U) 
and secondary (L/S) payloads).


>Even Beter try U or L Up-link and V down link - EAGLE will most probably 
>do this as a part of it's capability - I have always advocated Mode B for 
>Robin Haighton VE3FRH
>President AMSAT

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