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Re: Eagle.

If the uplinks are in the L and V bands and the downlinks are in the U and 
S bands, I would be interested (L/U and L/S and V/U and V/S).


At 03:14 PM 6/18/2003, you wrote:
>You wrote asking for details of Eagle - the following may help.
>As presently designed EAGLE will be a 2 foot cube with deployable wings to 
>gather extra solar power.
>It will cover V,U,L and S bands  as communication bands. Other bands and 
>experiments are being considered. It will probably be launched in GTOrbit
>We hope to launch in 2006 or 7.
>many details have been published in the AMSAT Journal and in the 
>Proceedings of our last two Space symposiums (2001 and 2002).However much 
>remains to be designed as funds permit.
>I hope this helps
>Robin VE3FRH
>President AMSAT

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