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Sat Demo to the Cub Scouts of America - Midland, Texas 6/19 & 6/20 AM

I hope that this is the proper list to request help with sat contacts on
6/19 and 6/20.  If not, I'm sure someone will be kind enough to let me know
and tell me where to go <grin>...

Scott here, we are doing demonstrations for about 100 Cub Scouts here in
Midland, Texas (home town of the President of the United States of America -
really) on the morning passes of UO-14.  There will be about 50 Cub Scouts
on each morning, Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of June.

We may not be able to get into the bird, so I thought perhaps there might be
a better way, with help of my fellow hams.  Additionally, I thought there
might be suggestions to be made to us as well, so here goes:

How you can help:

1.  Make suggestions (off-list is great) so that perhaps these upcoming two
demonstrations will go better.

2.  Make a contact (but we don't want to hog the satellite).  We're in DM82,
if you don't need that grid, no need to make a contact, if you do, we'd be
happy  to help.

3.  Just Say "Howdy"!  As you make a QSO with another ham, time permitting,
add in a "Hello to the Cub Scouts in Midland, Texas" or something similar
you that feel is appropriate.  There will be more than 100 ears listening to
your every word!  Additionally, it is helpful if you mention where you are
(city and state or province and country)

These Cub Scouts had a presentation on Ham radio on Tuesday, and
demonstrations for the rest of the week.  Perhaps these are an unusual
group, but they are all interested and attentive and their questions
indicate that they really do understand what we're talking about.  All the
Scout Leaders and other adults are very impressed with how the kids have
responded to Ham Radio.  I'm sure that they will appreciate your efforts to
help make the demonstration 'more personal' for them.

We will be monitoring UO-14 on these two passes only:
Thursday, June 19th, 9:30 AM Central or 14:30 Zulu (estimated 16 minutes
pass at our location)
Friday, June 20th, 10:39 AM Central or 15:39 Zulu
Although the Cub Scouts would like more, the leaders have a lot for them to

Generally, we will not try to initiate a contact unless we are specifically

If we stepped on anyone today, please forgive us.  It was a madhouse, and a
lot of fun as well.

We are trying to get the kids to create a special email qsl card, for those
that might like one...

The hams that are helping me are:
Lieutenant Jim Reynolds, kk5mv, Midland Police Department (he should be on
the mic on Thursday)
Alton Teague, n5psp, (he should be on the mic on Friday)
Paul Laverty, kd5teb, manning the Cubical Quad
And our non-ham friend, Phil Newell, who is learning how to aim an Arrow at
a satellite that he can't see, for an additional rcvr.

We are using 3 Arrows, 2 for rcv and 1 is also the uplink, and a cubical
quad as the 4th rcvr.  Seemed to work well this morn...  We also used
several sets of amplified PC speaker systems (battery powered of course)
with great results.  A small tape recorder by one of the speakers worked
very well too.

We had one ham say hello to the cub scouts, but we didn't get their call
sign, and we think we might have made a successful qso with xe2at...

Results of this morning's pass:
Kids logged the following stations for sure, but we missed many (we'll have
to review the tape)
?JPI (Hello Leo)

Midland, Texas is the hometown of the current President of the United States
of America, so when you add our grid square to your collection, don't forget
to mention that you got the grid while he was actually in office.  You will
have earned the bragging rights!

Best wishes,
(you can qrz.com me for a short bio...)

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